App Maker + Free Throw Taker

Experienced in JavaScript Front-End and Back-End software, systems administration,
responsive design and community building.


My name is David Balderston, and I am currently the IT Manager and both the Front-End and Back-End programmer for a department at UCSD called Core Bio Services. I also served as the Community Lead for Ghost, one of the biggest open source communities on GitHub. In my free time, I have built and launched multiple apps listed below. I also love playing basketball, photography, cooking, and being creative.


Fantasy Basketball League Insights

Fantasy Basketball Lineup Insights
(React, Node, MongoDB)

Counter Strike App Coming Soon

Counter-Strike In Game Strategies
Strategy iOS App
(React Native)

Early Bird Rights NBA Rotations Tool

NBA Rotations Tool

Lakers Menu Bar Coming Soon

LA Lakers Menubar
Menubar app for info/news
(Electron, React)

Ghost for Beginners

Ghost for Beginners
(Ghost, Sass)

Dress to Thrive Logo

Dress to Thrive
(Ghost, Sass)

Fantasy Baseball League Insights

Fantasy Baseball Insights
(React, Node, MongoDB)